Edie is now entering the final month of post production on my film Edie. One of Britain's finest film composers Debbie Wiseman MBE recorded the score last week at Angel studios in Islington, London. It's truly a beautiful and poetic piece of work that richly enhances the film. The score is orchestral with solo guitar symbolising the heart of Edie, our adventuring hero. Attention has now turned to sound mixing and grading at Post Republic in Berlin, Germany.


One of Britain's finest film composers Debbie Wiseman MBE is to compose and conduct the musical score to Edie. Famous for many feature scores such as WILDE, Tom's Midnight Garden and numerous scores for television such as Wolf Hall and FLOOD. Debbie scored Simon's first feature film LIGHTHOUSE which you can buy here.  "I am just so delighted to have Debbie onboard the project, she brings not just incredible musical talents but also an ability to read a film so well. She instinctively knows what's going on sub-textually on the screen and that adds another dimension to the music" commented Simon. "More than just a score, Debbie's music is like another re-write of the script, taking the story to another level."