I nod and nod to my shadow and thrust
A mountain down and down.
Between my feet a loch shines in the brown,
Its silver paper crinkled and edged with rust.
My lungs say No;
But down and down this treadmill hill must go.

Parishes dwindle. But my parish is
This stone, that tuft, this stone
And the cramped quarters of my flesh and bone.
I claw that tall horizon down to this; And suddenly
My shadow jumps huge miles away from me.
— Climbing Suilven by Norman MacCaig

Lots more information about the spectacular locations for Edie, coming soon. If you are interested in visiting Assynt or Sutherland generally you can find more information HERE.

Filming in the Caberfeidh pub in Lochinver, Sutherland, Scotland. Edie could not have been made without the generous  help and support of all the people of the village and of the Assynt foundation